Dove Lake
Lake Dove, Cradle Mountain National Park

Welcome to the tales of a guy who, despite his years, has yet to learn how to pack tight and hike light. Two cameras desirable; the tripod a must! Consequently, you will not find anything here that remotely resembles a speed challenge. Nor would the difficulty of walks normally exceed a moderate to difficult grading.

There have nonetheless been small personal challenges, such as an accent of the Chilkoot Pass, winter snow still clinging valiantly to steep slopes in the early spring thaw, and backpack weight commensurate with a ten month holiday.

Ian on the Chilkoot Trail
Soft snow shuffle, Chilkoot Trail (USA/Canada).

The majority of walks described here are "on the beaten track"; most are described in a multitude of tourist sites, National Park brochures and hiking guides. Nevertheless, these walks are popular because they offer something special, even if that special something is simply a close proximity to a nearby train station.

One of these days - which usually equates to either a lack of money, time, or initiative - when a GPS is finally included in the kit, track routes will be provided for Google Earth. Until that time the reader may note a paucity of detail in the descriptions. This is partly because more attention was being paid to potential photographs than the track gradient, except when it was obvious the going was about to become hard work.

Additionally, some of these walks were undertaken several years ago; consequently, detail has slipped from the memory, and route conditions may have changed. Please refer to current track guides before any serious undertaking.

Walk safe and arrive happy.