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Cycling trips

From several hours to many days

Cycling along the shores of Lake Pukaki
Cycling along Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

It must be said right from the outset that any moans or sighs describing the difficulty of rides on these pages are those from a fair weather recreational cyclist. Other than twice completing the Around the Bay in a Day ride organised by Bicycle Victoria (210km around Port Philip Bay, Victoria), a day's ride for me would normally be less than 100km. All but a few of these trips were supported; that is, someone else did most of the hard work carrying the food and luggage.

Cycling south-west WA
The current 2 wheel steed
- a Trek 520 touring bike.

The nuance in detail for some of the rides are now a little faded, the events having occurred five or more years in the past. In such cases photographs are the main focus, providing an insight on what to expect along the way.

Australia is blessed with a number of member organisations and commercial companies offering supported rides, which provide a (generally) low stress introduction to cycle touring for almost anyone with the desire to give it a go. Furthermore, there are a range of books and web sites providing advice for the self-supporting tourer.

A word of advice from one so trapped - don't take all advice as gospel. Not only can conditions change considerably since the advice was given - ever notice how road maintenance coincides with touring? - but some of what is available (including information on this site), may be influenced by personal opinion.

For those not interested in undertaking a multi-day epic and all it's associated planning, a Rail Trail option can provide the focus for an opportune brief getaway.

Cycle touring is, for me at least, meditation on wheels. And, provided there are not too many diversions at small country bakeries or tea houses for the mandatory Devonshire tea, it is a good way to improve physical as well as mental health. So go on - give it a go!