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A Kodak Box Brownie - my mum's Box Brownie  - was the first love, way back in my sixth year of schooling. Since then, there has been a succession of passing fancies, beginning with an Olympus OM1 which remained by my side until its untimely death in a salt water lagoon. Currently I'm a Canon guy, and happy about it, but with no firm commitment to a lifetime relationship. While I am a bit of a gear freak, the camera is in the end just a tool and only part the process of taking a good photograph.

Depending on one's perspective, there may or may not be a number of good photographs on this web site. Nevertheless, most images are here to tell a story, and it is hoped that they succeed in that endeavour.

The gallery is a little empty at the moment. There are thousands of images in the Adobe Lightroom catalogue, but the bloke driving the mouse and keyboard has been a bit slack (i.e. I have been doing other things). At the moment the majority of images are in the slide shows scattered around the site, while some photos can be found in both the section on birds, and the computer desktops.

Kangaroo at sunset.
One of my favourite nature shots. A kangaroo grazes in the late afternoon sun, Wyperfeld National Park