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From tourist haunts to the relatively unknown

Bear River, Canada
Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada

Occasionally one stumbles on a place - whether it be a small stream trickling softly below an umbrella of ferns, or a village yet to succumb to the commercialisation which tourism almost inevitably brings - where obscurity is the best hope for preservation. The dilemma is simple enough to identify, but difficult to resolve: share the beauty of this place with a risk that its charm will be lost, or keep the experience a close secret known to only a lucky few.

Small waterfall in a creek
A small waterfall found in a creek in the Otway Ranges.

Some of the little treasures I have stumbled across are included in this section of the web site. The decision was driven by the desire of a keen photographer to share emotive images, but balanced by the realisation that only a handful of visitors are expected to view these pages (sigh).

Also included are some brief notes and photos from a smattering of the more well known tourist haunts which retain at least a little of that special quality which initially brought them to prominence.

Finally, for want of a home somewhere more appropriate, Great Places is the repository for a few of the more memorable events and travels I would recommend to like-minded souls.

Home of Bishop Andrew Muirhead.
Sometimes a special place happens by accident, the attraction not immediately obvious to others who may pass you by. Having missed the intended train from Glasgow to Endinburgh I went for a short walk to fill in time, and happened upon this old building. On reading of its history, this was the oldest home in Glasgow. Interesting in and of itself, but then I read of the original owner: Bishop Andrew Muirhead. A direct decendent of mine perhaps?